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The ReBreathers - Final Concept

Personal Work created in ZBrush and Keyshot. (The Face Guard Cage was created using Blender Modifiers, smoke and liquid sims in Blender as well.)

The ReBreathers:

Concept of an Alien species that spends most of it's time in a Zero G environment. Having consumed the atmosphere of their planet of origin, they scour the galaxies for gaseous or liquid planets. After extracting the atmospheres or sources of liquid, they manually evolve their genetic makeup to incorporate the new gas / liquid compounds into their biology. By this fashion, they alter their DNA with every new planet they extract from and guarantee a never ending supply of vital, life sustaining resources. Each new substance they adapt to consume, alters their perception, and in turn, their culture.

This character facilitates the role of a scout for it's species; searching out viable planets, preferably without a robust ecosystem of indigenous living organisms, as they can easily consume elements from extreme environments.

The ReBreathers - Finish